Editors note

Change is the only Constant

Spare Parts is the money-maker of a service division; however, in a time of great uncertainty, where the boundaries of competition are crushed wide open by tech giants and technological breakthroughs, and where global trade agreements are under constant threat by protectionist governments, the need for change and innovation is more important than ever.

The 7th Annual Spare Parts Business Platform will delve into the future trends and show you not only how you can digitize your service offerings for the benefit of your customers and your profit margins, but how digitalization will impact your business and your industry.  Get the latest on blockchain, AI, drones, 3D printing and much more…

The event will also look at Pricing Strategy as a key to business growth, and how to be coherent in your pricing approach in an omnichannel environment where ecommerce becomes a vital tool to lock in customers and fend off competition.

Finally, the event will also showcase innovations in warehouse management, supply chain optimization, and how to use IoT for parts failure predictions in order to ensure that you always deliver the right part at the right time.

Join us in February with 150+ of your peers for two days of networking, benchmarking, and knowledge sharing on how you can challenge your business models before disruptors challenge your market positions.

I look forward to welcoming you in Stockholm.



Thomas Igou
Content Director