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Case Study: An airtight packaged solution for a global packaging leader


For industrial manufacturers, it’s a classic “gap-in-the-market” opportunity, which couldn’t come at a better time. 86% of industrial product buyers in Europe say they expect their suppliers to provide speedy, on-site support and service for their products. And here’s the best part: manufacturers can create efficient, profitable after-sales service and support networks without investing unnecessary amounts of money in new warehouses, extra inventory or additional field service technicians — and without contorting their business models, opening new warehouses or expanding into unfamiliar areas beyond their core strengths. Check out how UPS helped Sealed Air to increase their after-sales servicing efficiency, provide consistently high levels of customer service and reduce overall operating costs by consolidating a network of 19 warehouses into a single, centralised distribution hub. >>Download it here




Spare Parts Pricing: Re-Capture Profits on All Channels


Optimizing the planning, stocking and supplying of service parts is a complex endeavor. Pricing each individual part to be market-aligned at every sales channel – in-person or online – can erode margins further in an already-complex market. Yet, most company leaders know – instinctively – that their businesses aren’t capturing the full amount of profitable revenue available. Traditional methods, such as business intelligence and analytics teams, haven’t been fully effective in quantifying that opportunity, or prescribing exactly how to recapture it. Zilliant’s Global B2B Benchmark Report was created by applying artificial intelligence (AI) analysis to more than 1 billion transactions, representing 3.5 million products, 3.7 million buyers, 12 currencies and $53.2 billion in transactions. The findings are staggering. Annually, the B2B industry consistently fails to capture between 12 and 26 percent profit and revenue. Indeed, by adopting an AI-driven approach to setting price, spare parts companies stand to hold the line on margin in all sales channels – on the phone, in person or via an eCommerce channel. >>Download it here




Syncron free e-book for download, get your copy now

It’s no secret the world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Developments in everything from technology, education, healthcare, energy, politics and the economy are transforming many industries, especially manufacturing. That’s why we created our newest eBook, 2018 After-sales Service Predictions: Strategies for Empowering Manufacturing Organizations to Deliver Game-Changing Value – to help manufacturers navigate this ever-changing world. In our 2018 After-sales Service Predictions eBook, we collected insight from multiple industry thought leaders to hear how manufacturers can capitalize on this major business opportunity to improve customer loyalty and financial performance in 2018 and beyond.

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WHITE PAPER: Optimizing Your Service Parts for Profit


At Copperberg, we recently received a White Paper that we thought would be in your interest. It outlines how you can optimize your spare parts management, which we know is a challenge for many. We are able to offer you this white paper for free and recommend that you have a read!

The ability to plan and stock parts optimallyhelps service organizations balance the complexities and meet the challenges of the global service supply chain.

But how do you achieve best in class in service parts management? Step one: Know the critical success factors.

Download the service parts optimization white paper today and get started.

You’ll learn about:

  • The risks of over- and under-stocking
  • The impacts on your company’s bottom line
  • How an optimized supply chain leads to loyal customers