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Spare Parts News - Alan Sage


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Spare Parts is considered as the money-maker of an aftersales division. However, organizations need to adapt to a rapidly changing world and changing customer behaviors (and expectations) in order to retain the competitive edge and grow their revenue. Continuous innovation is the only key to success. Today, technology is having more and more of a preponderant role due to its impact on operational efficiency and profit margins.

One of the biggest technological innovation that is affecting spare parts operations today is e-commerce. While being able to sell parts online to customers all over the world has become a necessity for both large and small enterprises, what impact does e-commerce have on an organization’s pricing strategies, and logistics channels?

3D Printing is another futuristic technology that can directly impact spare parts businesses and it would be mean a lot for a company’s inventory management. However, is the technology a short term reality, or a futuristic dream?

Lastly, how can manufacturers transform their Supply Chains through data integration, to make them Smart? The IoT is a buzzword that is thrown around as the messiah of pretty much everything; however, how does it really bring value to parts supply chains?

Let’s not forget that technology is simply a means to an end that should support and improve spare parts functions by being implemented in existing processes. More importantly, organizations should not neglect that spare parts is a customer-oriented function and should be a part of the overall organizational strategy towards service excellence.

Join me and 150+ of your peers in February 2016 in Stockholm to discuss these topics and much more.


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